I adjusted my pillow last night and had a heavenly this pillow.
When I ordered it I had no idea what I was buying...a shot in the dark 
and it turned out to be the best I have ever had.

Second night after removing some beads as you suggested
I have been in sleeping heaven!

I have not slept so well in years.
it seems I don't move around anymore trying to find a comfortable position.
I found you product by accident and what a great accident...the best in my life!!

Barcelona,Spain  T.M

used to use low -resilience pillow,

then I felt like I had pressure to my neck and also when I put my head to Pillow, it seems like something
pushing to my head. then I stopped to use it.
You said 'this pillow is not soft as low resilience pillow'.
Yes,I think so.Because it filled with beads, my head would not be depressed in the pillow I feel very good. Thank you.

Hiroshima M.N(Queen Corma Pillow)

The Pillows that you send me are really good. They are one of the best
pillows that I have so far. I might order some more.

My wife used to have a back pain, and she wake up every middle of the
night, and she used to snoring a lot. Those are gone with sleeping on Corma
Beads Pillow. I think they are life saver. I would highly recommend people
to buy the pillow.

Thanks you very much,

Canada T.C(Queen Corma Pillow)

We are so used to "cushy" pillows here in the U.S. - foam, feathers,
etc. But the little "balls" do seem to give good support in the right
area. After I feel confident that it has made a difference in my
ability to sleep through the night, I am going to loan it out to by
daughter and her husband who have similar neck issues.... Again,
thank you so much         

M.W  in U.S.A (Queen Corma Pillow)

It is almost one month since I started to use this pillow.
stiff shoulder is much better than before,I think everything(my body condition)is getting better.
Every night, I try to move Beads and make natural curve for molding to my head
and neck by my self.
That is why,I can sleep comfortably and can get to sleep very fast.

Tokyo K.H  (Dr Corma Pillow)

I love ph@nes parts in this Dr pillow.
Thank you, I can get ideal pillow.

Tokyo K.T(Dr.Corma Pillow)

*I used to use low resilience pillow,but it had strong resilience.
I felt my whole head was pushing up..
Especially,pressure to neck is so strong,
I had difficulty breathing.

Personally, I like this feeling of Beads material.
I like this pillow's gently support power to whole my head.

Aichi  M.M(Queen Corma pillow)

My neck is, what we call 'streight neck'. My neck is thin and long.
It easily get tired to support my head.

I purchased three kinds of pillow and tried,
I used to have center-depressed shape pillow,low resilience pillow etc...
I felt uncomfortable that my head depressed into the pillow,
whenever wake up,I felt strong ache from neck to head and shoulder...
Day time is also...
there are no pillows fitting for me and I asked your suggestion.

However using DR.Corma, I can adjust height and my ache is much improving
thank you!!

Osaka J.K(DR.Corma pillow)

I had been suffered from asomnia and looking for suitable pillow.
By chance I watched TV shopping and decided to purchase.
There are a lot of comfort sleep pillow in the market.
I have never seen curve-shape pillow.
It is so wide and comfortable,I do not have to move my pillow
whenever turning in the bed.
I have never felt tired in my head and shoulder in my side sleeping using Dr Corma Pillow.This is very stable.
As I told, I had been suffered from
now I can sleep for long hours.
it's so surprising! thank you so much.

Ehime M.N(Dr.Corma Pillow)

We use this material for rehabilitative training.
Patient put their hands or foot in the box filled with Beads.
and move their finger and retrieve their feeling of inside the body
and also relief of the edema.

T Hospital(Beads Material)

I used to use low resilience pillow, but every time I woke up
I felt tense from muscles of the back to my back.
then I put my head down, strong ache is running though my back to the head.
But I had been looking for suitable pillow, I could not see my suitable.

However I found this pillow at department store,I tied this pillow by accident.

I adjusted pillow height and tried it for three nights,finally I got my suitable height,
Now, my ache is very relieved.
Thank you so much!

Hyogo A.K(Dr.Corma pillow)

I had been suffering from shoulder stiffness for a long time.
I had tried various type of pillow, but in vain.

I had been hospital and got massage almost everyday.
My shoulder was like stone,it was so hard.
In my first sight of Dr Corma pillow, I had little bit doubt because it seems to be same as other pillows.
But this is not,this is excellent!
I try to adjust height, finally, I found my height for me,
Now shoulder stiffness has gone! Thank you so much!!

OSAKA T.O(Dr.Corma Pillow)

One day, I found bugs in my buckwheat pillow.
but I really like the feeling of Sobakawa buckwheat pillow
Then I had been looking for the pillow which has
Sobakawa feeling but no generating bugs and washable.
Finally reached your site and  bought one Queen Corma Pillow.
QueenCorma Pillow is supportive but good texture.
I wake up feeling very good every morning.
Thank you so much.

U.S.A J.K(Queen Corma Pillow) 
I traveled to Japan and places I stayed had them
and I loved them so purchased when I got home and had my old pillow again.
 ( Queen Corma Pillow)
It's a great pillow and if price was little less I would buy couple more for my family too.
( Queen Corma Pillow)
I love the pillow and always recommend it to my friends, especially if they have trouble sleeping.
I don't sleep well in general, but with the Cormabeads pillow I get rest and comfort.
I tried going back to a normal pillow and I notice the difference immediately.
Thank you for creating this product.
Queen Corma Pillow)
love it and recommended others to buy and will buy as presents. TQ.
 (Queen Corma Pillow)

Wish they came with extra pillowcases
(Dr.Corma pillow)

 it offers the ideal level of support. sleeping on the corma pillow has changed my life. it is wonderful.
  (Queen Corma Pillow)


I will continue to buy Cormabeads pillows! 
 (Queen Corma Pillow)


I like the fact that I can make it the shape I want, and that shape will stay for most of the night.
Special note: My dog also loves this pillow.
 (Queen Corma Pillow)


I found that the curved/u-shaped pillow was not very comfortable in the middle.
It was too low in the middle and too high on the sides.
  (Queen Corma Pillow)

Some pillow shape do not fit my existing case
(Dr.Corma pillow)
Best pillows i have ever used - sleep improved dramatically and neck pain gone.
  (Queen Corma Pillow)
for side sleeper male, the queen corma pillow is too low and the beads move around a little. 
Need more beads to make it firmer. And why can't I buy some more beads???
  (Queen Corma Pillow)
great product
  (Queen Corma Pillow)


The pillow is far too big and the beads move to the sides after a while.
  (Queen Corma Pillow)

The beads were much larger and harder than I thought and the pillow is noisy when moved around on, unfortunately. 
It was meant to alleviate neck and shoulder issues but does not do so as well as a dense contoured memory foam or multiple pillows. 
  (Aqua Pillow)
This is from the perspective of a side sleeper. It was also purchased as a gift so this is second hand information.
(Dr.Corma pillow)
I bought a small and queen one. I like the small one better because it has more beans in it and it is higher than the queen one.
I would like to try the U shaped one.
  (Queen Corma Pillow)


Wish u can have lavender scene on your beads
 (Queen Corma Pillow)
Every time when people from local marketing calls to me, 
I'm answering them, that I have best pillow and if you not selling anything similar to this, I'm not interested and suggesting to buy them one and try, before trying argue me to change pillow :))
 (Queen Corma Pillow)
Make more accessories e.g. pillow case for sale especially for items that are odd shaped.
need for ear space and firm support around so the ear is not squashed E.G a hole in the pillow just for ear
(Dr.Corma pillow)

I love your pillows! Please consider offering them on
 (Queen Corma Pillow)
pillow to support check allowing freedom of ear lob not squashed up in pillow
 (Queen Corma Pillow)
I do not get so hot and it stays almost always the shape I like.
best pillow I've ever had. I recommend it
 (Queen Corma Pillow)
I discovered this type of Corma Bead Pillow while staying in a hotel in Kyoto.
I really liked the hotel pillows so I did a online search and discovered your company.
I will use your pillows from now on, they are so comfortable and hygienic.
  (Queen Corma Pillow) 
Testimonial by Dr Shinohara,Nagasaki university
As humans we depend for our lives upon sleep mechanisms
inside the brain (the body clock, the sleep center) resting
the body and the brain by causing us to alternate
between waking and sleep.

However, in modern society, sleep disorders are becoming
more and more common. Among the reasons for this are changes in lifestyle (night-time society); a decrease in our average sleeping time (which has shortened by 1 hour in 10 years); people going to bed later (50% of 3yr-olds go to bed after 10 o'clock at night); an increase in night working and shift working (1/3 of the working population are now shift workers); increased stress; and the ageing of society (more of us suffer from sleep disorders as we get older,
with dementia sufferers being particularly badly affected).
Also, sleep disorders among children are becoming a serious problem,
and are a cause of poor school results, impaired concentration,
mood swings, raised blood pressure, and non-attendance at school.

In Japan about 24 million people, or about 20% of the population,
suffer from some sort of sleep-related problem, and every night about one in five people suffers the misery of being unable to sleep.

This is a serious problem affecting the whole of society.

To solve sleep-related problems like these, it is important to optimize the sleeping environment.
At Yamaichi Co., we have for a long time been contributing to improvement of the sleeping environment by concentrating on the pillow.

The pillow is not just a piece of bedding that we put our head on when we go to sleep.
Because the pillow determines the angle of the neck during sleep,

its position and angle determine the position of the spine as a whole and also influence
whether or not it is possible to turn over naturally and easily in one's sleep.

It is the crucial role of the pillow to make sure that the back vertebrae and the neck vertebrae are properly rested during sleep.