What's the BEST sleeping position??

Undoubtedly we all have some favorite position to fall asleep,
there are three particular positions that people usually adopt at bedtime:
face up, face down and sideways.

Of these three, the most damaging to our neck is sleeping your face down
which gives the tension that is exerted backwards on the neck;
so it is the only one that we must not get used to.

Other two postures that will not hurt our neck when sleeping and
will provide a good rest: face up and sideways.
However, up next we will focus on those people who prefer sleeping sideways.

First of all, you should know that the side you choose to sleep is important,
you must always do it on your left side,
among the most important reasons why you should sleep on this side we can mention the following:

• The brain: A study published in The Journal of Neuroscience explains
that lying on the left side facilitates the lymphatic drainage of the brain.
A process that serves to eliminate certain waste of the nervous system,
such as deposits of beta-amyloids, very harmful to our health.

• The heart: Sleeping on the left side is the best option for your heart,
since it is easier for this organ to pump blood. It is a mere matter of gravity,
the aorta goes out our heart making an arched shape to the left side to reach the abdomen,
so in this position it prevents the heart from doing more work than necessary,
helping with lymphatic drainage.

• The digestive system: In this case, gravity is also the main reason
why lying on the left side is better for your health,
since it will prevent stomach acids from getting into your mouth,
causing bad digestion and acidity.
Now you know it, if you have eaten something that caused heartburn or
if you are the type that likes to take a nap after eating, remember,
lie on the left side to favor your digestion.

Another important factor to consider is the pillow you use,
since it must be soft enough to fit the shape of your neck
and head to provide comfort,
but at the same time you must have firmness to ensure
that your neck has adequate support
during sleep and avoid causing stress on it.

If you use a feather pillow, you should know
that these have a great disadvantage in this matter,
because although they give you smoothness and ergonomics,
their structure and composition does not allow them to have the firmness
that your head requires as a support to avoid creating tension in your neck.

Corma beads® pillow combines both qualities,
the secret is that instead of being filled with foam or feathers,
it uses small pieces of plastic Our Corma Beads®.

These pieces are made of a very flexible and
at the same time resistant plastic,
so unlike what you might think beforehand,
a pillow filled with Corma Beads® will not bother
you at all while you are resting on it.

Corma Beads® far surpass the classic feather pillow,
because being filled with small pieces of plastic,
they will only move away from the pressure points
(where it supports your neck and head) and
the others will remain in place,
ensuring a support to your neck throughout the night.

Maybe you are wondering, what happens if you move asleep and change position?
Through this question you will see another of the advantages of the Corma Bead’s® pillow
against the feather’s; when you move,
the Corma Beads® will move according to the new pressure points
and will adjust to your new position,so no matter what position you adopt,
your neck and head will always have good support.


59f6bc86f358b.png    ◆AUTHOR: TOMOKO
I am mother of two kids,live in Osaka,Japan. 
I mainly sell Corma beads® pillows.
As you know,one third of our life is devoted to sleeping time.
Sleeping time is the important rest and charging time for the human body.
Therefore,your sleep quality will greatly affect the performance of the next day.

Pillow will play important role and be a long time acquaintance in your life.
So,your pillow must be the one that fits you well.

I hope that information from me can help you in choosing your right pillow!!
(...I will be  happy,if it's a pillow of Corma Beads®  :)