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I introduce myself, my name is Isaiah and I live in Mexico;
Up next, I will address a problem I dealt with some time ago and
which in fact is quite common: Neck pain in the mornings.
I must clarify that since I was a child I used to sleep on my stomach,
it always seemed a very comfortable position,
which I would realize later in life would be a wrong thought.
Over time I started to notice that I was getting up with a discomfort in the neck
and part of my lower back, I decided to find the reason behind my suffering
and I hope my experience and research will help someone who is going through the same.

First it is important to know that the neck is one of the most important parts of the body
during our daily night rest, so the posture in which we usually sleep is
a determining factor in the relief of neck pain.
When we adopt the horizontal position in the bed we should always keep in mind how our neck is.
Otherwise, we expose ourselves to suffer neck pain that may extend to the back.
But how should we sleep if our neck hurts?

Trying to find the neutral position would be the most generic response,
but going into detail you must discard the position in which you are facing down,
where the neck suffers because it is forced to go back.
Whether you opt for a face-up or sided position, the importance of the used pillow
becomes valuable. Depending on the pain, it is often recommended
to use a suitable pillow to balance the posture and thus avoid overexposure
of the neck to unnecessary stresses.

There are several alternatives to deal with neck pain taking into account the sleeping position
that induces the pillow we use, in my search to relieve my pain
I found two types of pillow apart from the one I had been using - which was a common fiber pillow -,
first I tried the classic feather pillow, which was what my friends recommended me
to treat my problem and the one I saw on several websites as a recommendation;
In fact at the beginning it was very comfortable and eased my pain problem for a while,
I felt I had found the solution, but I noticed that it lost firmness and sponginess over time.
This was not very convenient given that I needed to alleviate my discomfort
and it was not practical that I lost the firmness that I required to sleep.
Finally, I decided to try to use a Japanese pillow,
at first I felt a bit incredulous towards this pillow because of how different it was from what I knew,
but on the other hand I thought that if it was used by hospitals and hotels all over Japan
it should be for something. The pillow on the outside looks completely like a regular pillow,
the only difference is when we look at its content, which are several pieces of plastic called Corma Beads.

At first, the experience was almost the same as when I tried to use the feather pillow,
since the pillow adapted to the shape of my head and had firmness without disturbing my sleep.
It was after having it by quite some time that I noticed the biggest difference;
Being filled with small pieces of plastic (Corma Beads), kept its usefulness
and pain-relief characteristics for longer.On the other hand,
it was much easier to wash since you only have to remove the filling and wash the fabric elements
as if they were regular garments and the Corma Beads could be also washed in a very simple way.
An advantage that I did not consider at the beginning was the hypoallergenic quality of these pillows,
since they are filled with plastic pieces do not produce any type of allergy nor do they harbor mites inside. You can also adjust the height of the pillow taking out the Corma Beads to the height that suits you the best.
Besides, if you are sensitive to the subject of animal cruelty,
you will be happy to know that no one raises nor strip feathers of any bird for the production of
a pillow with Corma Beads.

When I tried the pillow and saw the results,
I recommended it to my friends who suffered from the same problem when sleeping,
they seemed incredulous at my new acquisition not only for the peculiarity of the pillow
but also for the price. Being honest, this last factor made me hesitate to buy it at first,
but then I compared it to the prices of the feather pillows,
which we have to remember that should be replaced with more regularity
if they are not treated properly, I thought that a Japanese pillow could be a better deal,
we should also have in mind that these pillows are made in Japan,
so they are of excellent quality.

Something that I found very curious when receiving my Japanese pillow,
was that it brought a booklet of instructions for use,
it is the first time I saw something like that come with a pillow,
in that booklet there was information that coincided with what I had already investigated
about how to sleep, so I was glad to have decided to give it a try.

To you, reader, I hope that my information results useful for you,
I thought it necessary to talk about an almost exclusive product of Japanese society
with very little disclosure in the West